Our Spirituality and Charism

The Charism of the Congregation of the Daughters of Divine Love is “generous loving response to Divine Love Incarnate.” It is also the compelling motive force of the Congregation.  It is an ardent response to God’s call to love Him and others in the way and manner Christ did; a self-sacrificing love. In all our endeavours carried out as loving sacrifices; members  strive for growth in holiness to the full measure of Christ. (Cf. Const. chp. 1,Art. 2,i).

As an active-contemplative Congregation, the Congregation’s Spirituality is a Christo-centric Spirituality of Divine Love in action; expressed in the contemplation of God, deep humility and fraternal charity manifested in harmonious community living and apostolic action. The Founder strongly prayed that this spirituality would grow on the two wings of knowledge and sanctity.