Becoming a Daughter of Divine Love

Could I become a Daughter of Divine Love? If your answer is yes to the following questions, Perhaps God is calling you to be a Daughter of Divine Love

  • Are you a Catholic?
  • Do you feel drawn to the deeper things in life?
  • Are you looking for something more than what is around you today?
  • Are you aware of the lack of love in our society today?

What are the stages?


The Congregation will accept into an associate relationship, as aspirants, young women who are giving serious consideration to dedicating themselves in the religious life.

The purpose of the aspirancy is to allow women to complete their basic intellectual training in circumstances that assure solid understanding of Christian faith and Christian living, and that allow them to make informed decision for or against embracing the religious life.

The aspirancy programme should provide a firm grounding in Christian doctrine, in some elementary training in prayer, and an experience of community living, it should be directed as to lay women. It should accordingly permit the aspirant the freedom of movement and decision appropriate to young women of their age.

Postulancy or Pre-Novitiate

Candidate who so wish, and who are regarded as suitable, may be admitted to pre-Novitiate course. The purpose of pre-novitiate course is to provide a gradual spiritual and psychological adjustment of the candidate in developing the human and emotional maturity needed for a truly free and responsible decision to enter into Novitiate; and to give both the candidate and the congregation an opportunity to appraise her aptitude for membership. The candidate will be under the direction of a mature Sister appointed by the Superior General.


After the postulancy, the candidates are admitted to the Novitiate, they must be healthy, physically and mentally  and give evidence of aptitude, maturity and a generous desire to the life of the evangelical counsels.

At the end of the Novitiate, the Superior General, with the consent of her council, admits novices who request it, to temporal profession of vows.

Temporary Profession

Novices who request for temporal profession at the end of their Novitiate will be granted the permission. Admission to these periods of temporary profession is granted only to Daughters who have shown sufficient maturity for making so critical a choice, and who have shown the firm will and solid ability to live the life of the Daughters of Divine Love in ardent charity, fidelity to evangelical counsels, earnest prayerfulness, apostolic effectiveness, and loyal assistance to their sisters in the congregation.

Vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience are made for a period of one year and may be renewed two times for one year and for further three years. During this period, the tempoary professd Daughter will live in community and continue to discern God’s call in her life.

For valid admission to temporary profession in the Daughters of Divine Love Congregation, novices must have reached 20 years of age.

Final Profession

After a period of six years (minimum) in temporary vows and following a period of preparation and prayerful discernment, a Sister can apply to make her final vows to the Daughters of Divine Love Congregation.

On-going formation

Through out there lives, Daughters shall labour earnestly to perfect their spiritual and doctrinal, as well as their professional development. Periodic lectures, seminars, and study weeks directed toward renewal of spirit are been be provided.

Who do I contact
Sr. Emilia Arum
DDL Regional House
82/84 Sylvan Avenue
Woodgreen London
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Tel: 0208 888 1898