The Apostolate

In keeping with the founders’ vision, the diverse apostolate of the Congregation provides services in every walk of life where the manifestation of God’s love is needed! Currently this includes
Health Care : We provide care in Hospitals and Nursing homes. Some of us are doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc.

Offices: Some of us are project managers, administrators in offices that provide services to the members of the public, especially to the less privileged.

Education: Some sisters are teachers in nursery, primary and secondary schools. We provide vocational qualification training for adults both in the UK and in Nigeria.

Social Work: The sisters minister in the streets, reaching out to street children the rejected, those who are homeless and single mothers with unwanted babies.

Pastoral Work: We have sisters who work in parishes as Eucharistic ministers and catechist. Some help out with RCIA in parishes. Some are retreat directors and coordinators. Some also work as Hospital chaplain.